I have lived and worked in many countries all over the world  (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the US).  My experiences in other cultures have influenced me deeply.  My artistic vision​ strives to express the universality of human experiences: our shared longings, struggles and passions, and the sources of our happiness.

Artist Statement

​​I use imagery, colors, shapes, and design elements that evoke a universal response and transcend national and cultural barriers.  ​I am not grounded in any one artistic tradition, but in many, and I tap into themes and designs that re-appear in every aesthetic.  I am gratified that my work elicits a very broad response.

I hunger to find meaning in life.  Spirituality​ adds beauty, inspiration, peace, and comfort to our lives.  For this reason I incorporate spiritual elements into the design of my pots.   My concept of spirituality is eclectic:  I was raised in a Christian family, married into a Jewish one, lived for many years in Muslim countries, and worked also with Hindu, Buddhist and animist societies.  For me, the surprising thing in my travels has always been how similar we all are, and my work references our commonalities.

Although we live in a highly developed and technology-infused world, I draw hope from the fact that hand-made items still find their way into our lives and are highly desired and given as gifts.  They fill a deep, persistent and mysterious need we all share.  Pottery is part of a long tradition of handcrafting​ whose contribution is not obsolete.


I make functional pots.  First and foremeost, they have to perform their functions....  so I pay attention to the details.  The handles have to be comfortable and support the weight of the pot and its contents.  The lids have to fit.  The spouts have to pour.  The glazes have to be food safe.  The vessel must hold the right amount.  Of course, everything has to go in the dishwasher, so I think about how each pot will fit in there, and then there are the oven and the microwave to consider:  is there a way to handle the hot pot safely?

 Most of us have a favorite mug we choose in the morning -- the first one we grab when all of them are clean.  I have my favorite: it is just the right size and weight.  It is a companion whose familiar shape and aesthetic suit me perfectly and give me daily pleasure.  Part of my pleasure comes from remembering the hand that shaped the pot and gave it life.  I have a connection to that maker, which helps sustain me and enriches my day.  Likewise, I make pots as a way to connect with others.

Glaze Colors and Decoration

My glaze palette is based on the colors most often found in nature:

-- blues like the sky over our heads and the water around us;

-- greens like those of the plant world;

-- whites like the clouds and the snow;

-- browns and grays like the earth, rocks and woods in winter.

I use reds and yellows only as accents.

I use slips and underglaze paints as well as glazes to decorate my pots.   In my decoration I sometimes use animal, bird, fish, plant and other natural imagery to reference the spiritual connections in our lives.  To view images of my work, go to the Gallery page and click on the drag-down menu.